Artist Statement

I am interested in what lies beneath. Be it the images we have of ourselves, the narratives we believe in or the memories we hold close. The longer you look at something, the less clear it seems to become.

I work in many layers of paint. Layers of different perspectives, time, desires, emotions and struggles. Painting allows me to communicate immediately and intuitively. Throughout my process, my aim is to stay open to what might happen and authentic in my response, slowly and organically carving out each painting’s rhythm and rhyme.

I take risks, I try things out and I change my mind.

In the end, a painting that is full of history and turned corners emerges. One that holds many stories, even though often only traces of them remain visible. But every layer, every moment of uncertainty and confusion is part of the journey and necessary for the work to be complete.


I often ask myself: Why can’t I be both?

Why can’t I be playful and serious?

Naive and clever?

Troubled and deeply happy?

Child-like and mature?

Nostalgic and progressive?

Angry at the world and hopeful about the future?

Shy and confident?

Scared and brave?

An artist and a mother?

Who says so?

My paintings ask the same questions.



My grandmother was a poet, my mother is a painter. They have taught me to look at the world through the eyes of an artist.

I hold a BA in European Studies from King’s College London and an MPhil in European Literature and Culture from the University of Cambridge. I live and work in Berlin.