About me

I believe in the beauty of authenticity. It is what allows us human beings to connect and what I strive for in my art.

I seek to paint from a place of intuition and truthfulness. In my work I constantly switch between being purely reactive to what is already on the canvas and then stepping back, analyzing, deciding on what to explore further and what to leave behind. This cycle continues until at one point I have discovered a painting’s final „rhythm and rhyme“.

I am interested in paintings that show the artist’s hand and heart. Taking risks is an important part of my process. Sometimes they work and often they don’t. Then I have to go back in, cover up, highlight other areas or ask completely new questions. But always leaving traces of what has been there before, creating layers of time, struggle and new perspectives.

My grandmother was a poet, my mother is a painter. They have taught me to look at the world through the eyes of an artist.

I hold a BA in European Studies from King’s College London and an MPhil in European Literature and Culture from the University of Cambridge. I live in Berlin with my husband and three small children.